What you need to know! Join the Fun

How to Register

There are three ways to Register:

  1. Team Captain (create a new team) *ADULT Leagues Only
  2. Team Player (join an existing team) *ADULT Leagues Only
  3. Free Agent (join as an individual, or with a small group and be assigned to a team)

Registration Notifications

Once registration closes, Free Agents and small Groups, will be merged with Teams with less than 10 Players.  Players and Team Captains will be notified regarding team assignments.

Team Roster *ADULT Leagues Only

Each team must consist of at least 10 players, 3 of whom must be co-ed.
We recommend teams consist of 12 players, 5 of whom should be co-ed.

Team Captains *ADULT Leagues Only

We here at Let’s Play Long Island can respect a hard work ethic and feel that anyone who takes the time to put a team together deserves to be rewarded with a FREE SEASON!  Responsibilities include;

  1. Reading and fully understanding the LDB Rules
  2. Captains should communicate with their teams regarding game schedule and League Bar details
  3. Ensuring that your team conduct themselves with sportsmanship, and respect towards opposing players and referees.

Pre-Game Preparations

Game Day Attire

Players should wear their team jersey, athletic shoes and athletic pants/shorts. Players must wear a helmet (with cage), hockey gloves, elbow pads, and shin guards. Team jerseys will be distributed at the rink before the first game starts.

Game Start

Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to warm-up and stretch. All games will begin on time!

Game Time

Required Number of Players

The maximum amount of starting players per team on the rink court is 5 plus a goalie.

Referees/Field Managers

All Let’s Play Long Island Referees and Field Managers have completed a training and certification program to better officiate all games. They are in charge of their respective fields and the on-site authority regarding the official rules and regulations.

Post-Game *ADULT Leagues Only

League Bar!

All players are encouraged to visit their designated League Bar for postgame festivities including significant food & drink specials, bar games, and opportunities to socialize with other players and teams.

Game Scores and Season Standings

Game scores will be posted on our website under Standings


Each season is comprised of 6 regular season games followed by two weeks of playoffs.

Parties and Events

There are a variety of parties and events held throughout the season, including the Throwoff Party, Theme Week, Season Finale party, and charity tournaments among others.