What you need to know! Join the Fun

How to Register
There are three ways to Register:
  1. Team Captain (create a new team)
  2. Team Player (join an existing team)
  3. Free Agent (join as an individual, or a small group and be assigned to a team)
Registration Notifications
Once registration closes, all players will receive a welcome email. Free Agents and small Groups, will be merged with Teams with less than 15 Players.

Team Roster
Each team must consist of at least 12 players, 4 of whom must be co-ed. We recommend teams have at least 15 players, at least 5 of whom should be co-ed.

Team Captains PLAY FOR FREE
We here at Let’s KickBall can respect a hard work ethic and feel that anyone who takes the time to put a team together deserves to be rewarded with a FREE SEASON. Responsibilities include;
– You are the only person that is allowed to discuss a call with the referee.
– Assign 1st base and 3rd base coaches to help assist your runners on base.
– Must call out the kicking order at the start of each offensive inning.
– Must ensure that whoever is “on deck” or next to kick needs to act as the backstop behind the umpire to stop any loose balls.
– Must ensure that your team cleans up after itself at the end of the game – Remind your team to collect the bases, cones and balls and place them on home plate if you are the last game of the night.
Responsibilities Read and fully understand the RULES, we have made some new changes. There is a summarized version on our rules page so please take a look.
Team Communications Schedules will be posted on our website with field designations.  We DO play in the rain but in the event of extreme weather cancellations, we will notify all players via email no less than 90 minutes prior to game starts. If you’re playing in the Spring just keep in mind it may be a bit chilly the first week or two.

Game Day Attire Players should wear their team t-shirt, athletic shoes (cleats are ok, metal ones are not), and athletic pants/shorts. Team t-shirts will be distributed at the first week’s game.


Field Designations Each field is marked by colored flags, for instance Team X vs Team x @ 6pm on field Blue.
Game Start & Stretching Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to warm-up and STRETCH, can’t emphasize this enough, even though it’s just kickball you need to stretch. All games WILL begin on time.

Required Number of Players Teams must have at least 8 players, with a minimum of 3 males/females, in order to be game eligible with no restrictions (see our rules page for more info) and no more than 11 players in the field.
Kicking Lineup All players that play in the field during the game must kick. Late players are added to the end of the lineup. Also whoever is “on deck” or next to kick will act as the backstop behind the umpire to stop any loose balls. Also captains will exchange kicking line ups with the opposing captain to ensure the proper order is being followed.
Referee/Field Managers Referees are in charge of their respective fields and the on-site authority regarding the official rules and regulations. ONLY captains or co-captains are allowed to dispute calls with referees.
Game Over Games last either 7 innings or one hour in length, whichever comes first, during the regular season games can end in a tie. Once the game is over all players are asked to please be courteous and throw out any garbage you may have, don’t leave it on the fields, and if you are the last game of the night help collect cones, bases, & balls and place them on home plate.

League Bar! All players are encouraged to come kick it at our bar sponsor for post-game festivities including free buffet & drink specials, bar games, and opportunities to socialize with other players and teams

Game Scores and Season Standings Game scores will be posted on our website under Standings

Tournaments/Championships Each season is comprised of 6 regular season games followed by the League Tournament in weeks 7 and 8. Awards will be given at our End of Season Party for our League Champions, League MVP, Best Kicker, Best Fielder, Best Pitcher, Best Captain, and finally; Team most likely to be at the bar.

We hope this was helpful, if you have any question feel free to email or call, as always we’re here to help and we look forward to providing a fun and exciting experience for you!